Hi, my name is Mike and I started Nocobe Coffee Co out of my passion for fresh, great tasting coffee.

A trip to Europe a few years ago introduced me to the wonderful world of espresso, which started my journey to try and replicate that taste at home. I started with a small espresso machine and quickly realized that grocery store coffee just wasn’t going to produce the results I was looking for. I started roasting shortly after in a popcorn popper to get small batches of freshly roasted coffee. I quickly outgrew the small capacity of this method and upgraded to a Behmor 1600. It was a great machine and allowed me to roast enough coffee for the week.

After a few friends started becoming interested in trying the coffee, and sourcing of coffee became a bit more difficult, I decided to start Nocobe Coffee Co in the summer of 2015. During this time I started building relationships with direct coffee importers and purchased my first commercial roaster. I now have a number of sources of direct trade coffee with a focus on South America.

Each batch of coffee is carefully roasted in small batches to bring out the unique flavour from each bean.